2022/10/25: M.Sc. course student Su Bok Kim was obtained Best Poster Presentation Award at the "130th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society". Congratulations, Su Bok!

2022/08/25: Myoung Hyeon obtained Ph.D. degree successfully. Huge congratulations Dr. Shin, and all the best in your future career!

2022/08/25: Ph.D. course student Jin Hyun Park was obtained Best Poster Presentation Award at the "KCS Organic Chemistry Division". Congratulations, Jin Hyun!

2022/08/25:  We are happy to announce that Han Yong is selected as this year's recipient of the Young Organic Chemist Award at KCS Organic Chemistry Division. Congratulations to Prof. Bae!

2022/07/08: Our new paper entitled "β-Aminosulfonyl Fluorides via Water-Accelerated N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalysis" is published in ChemSusChem. Congratulations Jin Hyun!!

2022/05/31: Our new paper entitled "Hydrophobic Amplification Enabled High-Turnover Phosphazene Superbase Catalysis" is published in ChemSusChem. Congratulations Sun Bu!!

2022/05/16: Our new paper entitled "Efficient Access to General α-Tertiary Amines via Water-Accelerated Organocatalytic Multicomponent Allylation" is published in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Prithwish, Jin Hyun, Sung Yeon, Myoung Hyeon, and all team!

2022/05/05: A new collaborative paper with Prof. Benjamin List (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021) group entitled "Organocatalytic Stereoselective Cyanosilylation of Small Ketones" is published in Nature.

2022/02/04: Our new paper entitled "N-Triflyl Phosphoric Triamide: A High-Performance Purely Organic Trifurcate Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor for Chemical Warfare Agent" is published in ACS Sensors. A fantastic collaboration with the Changsik Song group at SKKU! Congratulations to Jin Hyun and Myoung Hyeon!

2022/01/10: M.Sc. course student Soyeon Kim joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2021/12/20: B.Sc. course students  Donghyeon Kim and Yoonjae Kim joined BAE LAB. Welcome!

2021/10/06: Prof. Bae's post-doc advisor Prof. Benjamin List got a Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021. Congratulations to Ben!


2021/08/01: Post-doctoral scientist Dr. Muhammad Israr (BK4 research fellowship) joined BAE LAB. Welcome!

2021/06/21: B.Sc. course student Sung Bum Lee joined BAE LAB. Welcome!

2021/04/07: A new collaborative paper with Kim group in Org. Lett entitled "Ergopyrone, a Styrylpyrone-Fused Steroid with a Hexacyclic 6/5/6/6/6/5 Skeleton from a Mushroom Gymnopilus orientispectabilis" is now online (Org. Lett. 2021, 23, 3315).

2021/02/19: Ph.D. course student Jin Hyun Park gave a lecture at the "2021 SKKU-PNU BK21 Four Joint Symposium on Organic Chemistry" and was selected for the Best Presentation Award. Congratulations, Jin Hyun!

2021/02/15: M.Sc. course student Jungmin Shin joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2021/02/01: M.Sc. course student Hyun Jin Kim joined BAE LAB. Welcome!

2021/01/04: M.Sc. course student Su Bok Kim joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2020/12/15: A new collaborative paper with List group in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. entitled "The Odorous principle of Vetiver oil, unveiled by chemical synthesis" is now online (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 5666).

2020/08/04: A new collaborative paper with List group in JACS entitled "The silicon–hydrogen exchange reaction: A catalytic σ-bond metathesis approach to the enantioselective synthesis of enol silanes" is published (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 32, 13695).

2020/07/01: BAE LAB begins a new NRF Research Project (BRL): Laboratory of G-quadruplex study in viral genomes

2020/05/08: Our first review paper is now online (Tetrahedron 2020, 76, 131254).

2020/04/06: Undergraduate students Sion Ha and Donghwa Seo joined BAE LAB. Welcome!

2020/03/12: Our first collaborative work with Prof. Ji-Woong Lee's group @University of Copenhagen is out (Organometallics 2020, 39, 1652).

2020/03/01: BAE LAB begins a new NRF Research Project: Synergistic Catalysis To Access Challenging Molecules

2020/02/14: The latest 'Student Success Story' of Prof. Bae is now available on the SKKU webpage. [link]

2020/01/29: M.Sc. course student Byeong Jun Koo joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2020/01/17: Ph.D. course student Myoung Hyeon Shin (part-time) joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2020/01/13: M.Sc. course students Sun Bu Lee and Woo Hee Kim joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2020/01/06: Undergraduate students Jae Jin Kim and Da Been Park joined BAE LAB. Good luck!

2020/01/02: Ph.D. course student Jin Hyun Park joined BAE LAB. Welcome and good luck!

2019/11/26: Prof. Bae has been selected as a recipient of the 'Thieme Chemistry Journal Awards 2020' [link].

2019/11/01: Post-doctoral scientist Dr. Prithwish Goswami (KRF research fellowship) joined BAE LAB. Welcome!

2019/09/01: M.Sc. course student Sung Yeon Cho joined BAE LAB at SKKU. Welcome!

2019/09/01: BAE LAB begins a new NRF ResearcProject: Extremely Active Frustrated Lewis Pair (FLP) Catalyst for Challenging Chemical Reactions.

2019/09/01: BAE LAB relocated from UNIST to SKKU (Department of Chemistry).

2019/06/17: Undergraduate students Gi Baek Kwon, Hyeon Soo Cho, Junhyeok Woo, Hui Su Shim, and Yeonu Kim joined BAE LAB for the Summer Internship Program. Good luck!

2019/06/01: BAE LAB begins a new NRF Research Project: Hydrophobic Solvation Enabled Challenging Molecular Catalysis. Congratulations and good luck!


2019/02/20: A new co-authored paper in Nature Communications, entitled "Hydrophobic chirality amplification in confined water cages " is now online. Take a look at this new and interesting scientific discovery [link].

2019/02/08: Our official web-page is online.

2019/02/01: Dr. Bae retired Max-Planck-Institut (Germany) and began working at UNIST (Republic of Korea). Good Luck!